Anti-repression workshop series :: Chaos Computer Camp 2015

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Whether you are publishing articles or documents about government wrongs, running an independent server, giving workshops on privacy to human rights defenders or cutting through the fence at Menwith Hill, if you take action to try and change the existing social order, there is always a chance you may find yourself facing repression. In recent years our communities have been subjected to surveillance, warrents, searches and seizures, violence, arrests, trials and even jail. Our strongest weapon is our solidarity and this series of workshops and discussions will look at tools for preparing and protecting ourselves and our friends and supporting each other through difficult times.

Workshops to include:

Jail Solidarity and legal support

Preparing for and dealing with state repression before, during and after our actions, sharing tools and ideas from diverse experiences of legal support and jail solidarity.

Preventing and responding to burnout & PTSD
Just as a traumatic injury, like a broken leg, may need treatment and always takes time to heal, emotional blows may also require careful handling and take time to heal. This workshop will look at some basic tools for recognising and responding to post traumatic stress and burnout in ourselves and others, and some colelctive tools for supporting each other through difficult times.

Secrets and Lies
«We know that secrecy may affect the personality of its practitioners. This is true of all forms of secrecy, from the primitive secret society to the codeword compartment… There are in-groups and out-groups. No wonder then if the codeword compartment has unintended psychological effects»
(Critique of the Codeword Compartment in the CIA, 1977)
The people working in the secret departments of every country in the world have first hand experience of the stressors and impacts of secrecy on the psychology of the secret-keepers. Often paranoia and subterfuge become a necessary part of our struggles too, yet we rarely consider the emotional costs, the effects this can have on our relationsips, or the implications for our political struggles and our lives. This workshop aims to open a space for discussion of some of the issues we face when we live in a web of secrets and lies.

For more information and workshop times and locations watch this space or contact:
medikaosbcn (at) gmail (dot) com

BIenvenido al Blog de MEDIKAOS

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Queremos autogestionar nuestros espacios y nuestras vidas. Luchamos contra el capitalismo, el patriarcado, la injusticia y la dominación. Y con eso elegimos arriesgarnos. Recibimos porrazos y resistimos cargas policiales. Y si no nos preocupamos por las consecuencias, será porque los servicios sanitarios del Estado siempre nos harán respaldo…

¿Siempre? Sabemos que llamar a una ambulancia puede provocar una carga policial para despejar la calle. Sabemos que después de algunas movidas la policía puede barrer las salas de espera de los hospitales, y detener a gente según las heridas que presenten. Sabemos que hay situaciones en las que acceder a los servicios sanitarios del Estado puede conllevar consecuencias legales y sabemos que las urgencias médicas no pueden siempre esperar hasta que llegue la ambulancia.

Y por encima de todo eso, creemos que la salud es algo político: autogestionar nuestras propias vidas supone responsabilizarnos por nuestra propia salud. Sentimos la necesidad y la responsabilidad de poder evaluar una situación y autogestionar nuestras respuestas ante un accidente o una urgencia médica.

Por todo eso, hemos formado el colectivo MEDIKAOS